The dishes presented on the Coluccia menu vary periodically
to guarantee the best selection and freshness.

A choice of rich and tasty dishes including appetizers, starters, fresh fish or meat main courses,
fruit or dessert with table service.


La Coluccia Hotel

Our staff and chefs who have worked in the best restaurants in the world have introduced their expertise here, at La Coluccia, to offer our customers the experience of a totally new aspect of the Mediterranean cuisine, with an emphasis on typical regional culinary tradition.
From these experiences, our proposal of a Tasting Menu with small portions represents our daily quest for the best raw materials and seasonal products acquired through our suppliers and local or regional producers, in order to offer our customers an exclusive journey through the flavours and aromas of our island.

Here are some of the delicacies:

Our partner, the “Società Cooperativa La Peschiera”, just 500 metres from our hotel, farms mussels, oysters, razor clams and Venus clams, and together with the Strait of Bonifacio fishermen, a few kilometres away, they provide us with the best fish you can find in that wonderful stretch of sea.

Meat, Milk and Cheese
In the countryside behind us, cattle breeders, under the supervision of our partner, the “Società Cooperativa del Gusto” (Cooperative Society of Taste), keep grazing livestock to provide us with the finest meat, starting with the typical red ox of Montiferru in the province of Oristano. The dairy in Oschiri in Gallura, on the other hand, provides us with ovine and bovine cheeses, fresh and smoked ricotta, made exclusively from Sardinian sheep milk, and Sardo Modicana cow milk.
The cured meats are provided by the Forma family in Macomer, in the province of Nuoro, who mature only typical products of the pastoral tradition, with meat exclusively processed within the same day and with the bare minimum of natural spices, keeping the aroma of the fresh meat intact.

Fruit and Vegetables
The “Fratelli Mariano” Company in Arzachena provides us only with products of our island, enhanced by the sun in the best season of the year.
Oil: In Sardinia, the tradition of producing oil at home for supplies throughout the year remains intact, which is why the island is dotted with small family-run olive-oil mills. We have chosen two of these small producers for our raw condiments, exclusive products with protected designation of origin, to offer you only “first cold pressed” oil made from healthy olives picked directly from the plant and not off the ground. The first, called San Pasquale comes from the sunny countryside of Sassari and is owned by the Lubino Family, the second comes from Alghero, and is produced by the “Accademia Olearia” of the Fois family.

Our wine list has been prepared by our Sommelier, Wanni Zoccheddu who has selected a large and unique selection of Regional wines coming from small, exclusive wine cellars. Thanks to its incredible soil and climatic conditions,
the land’s mineral content, and salinity deriving from the wind that sweeps away all forms of pollution, Sardinia has increased its number of quality wines. In addition, the decades-old presence of the great masters of wine, above all the divine Giacomo Tachis, has allowed the local grape varieties to express their full potential.

The water we have selected to serve in our hotel is the San Martino from the natural spring of Codrongianos in Sardinia. It is the first Italian water to obtain the Crystal award at the Superior Taste Award in Brussels.
(The prize is awarded to products of outstanding quality which obtain the best results, the famous three gold stars, for three consecutive years in the selections of the International Institute of taste and quality. The 100 members of the jury, from all over the world, are part of the most prestigious culinary associations, including the “French Maîtres Cuisiniers” and “Académie Culinaire”, the Academy of Culinary Arts, the Italian Chefs Federation and the “Associaciones des Cocineros” of Spain.)

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Discover menù

Coluccia Cafè

La Coluccia Hotel


Not a café, not a bistro, but a format that combines street-food with flavours and aromas through the use of quality products for a stimulating sensory experience.

A selection to stimulate your taste-buds that evokes the past leaving a pleasant memory. The growing attention to quality food, plus the winning combination of our country’s environmental and tourist resources together with the variety of our food and wine tradition that has always characterised our regions: these are our guidelines.