Intro home

Expect Sardinian’s insular respect of your desire for privacy, intimacy, and retreat: the unique result of all this is an immersion in a sea of blue, green, light, nature, sea waves, gentle wind, relax and the loving care of our excellent, newly-selected staff.
The hotel’s elegant atmosphere has been recently embellished with a restyling and room restoration. The new La Coluccia meets the needs of modern travellers, relax and nature lovers, and of all our guests who are passionate with beauty, comfort, delicious local food. In a couple of words, the great hospitality La Coluccia stands for.
La Coluccia is also the ideal location for private parties, ceremonies and for installations and art exhibitions. Unforgettable weddings take place at our location: the park, the pool and the restaurant with sea view, plus all the comfort in our brand new rooms.