La Coluccia is surrounded by Mediterranean scrub, generous in its essences of myrtle, cistus, strawberry tree, juniper, helichrysum, broom to list a few. In this paradise for sight and smell, beside the park with maritime pines, the garden area has been renovated and presents a variety of beautiful and strong Uganda grass lawn, that hibernates during winter and then returns lush and generous in the spring and summertime.
In this completely natural and enchanted environment, the refurbished and elegant pool of La Coluccia enriches the context with a chic element, and harmonizes perfectly with the surroundings thanks to its sinuous and delicate curves.
Comfortable sun loungers with soft cushions and large beach umbrellas complete the refined and peaceful setting. Because we wanted to enable our guests to dive, lie down and sunbathe, while enjoying a breathtaking view of the green and blue landscape that surrounds La Coluccia.